World Series tickets are a hefty cost and many are happy to pay the price for the experience

Fans are spending a lot of money on the World Series games in Philadelphia and none of it is cheap.

"Hotel, the whole nine yards. I’m helping the Philadelphia economy!" one fan exclaimed.

Fans from all across the country are pouring out not just their spirit for the Phillies, but also their wallet.


"$10,000. That’s a little bit of overtime when I get back home," one dad from Indiana said.

For some, no amount of overtime was gonna raise enough capital to get into the Bank.

"We look at it, but it’s out of the budget. We entered the Phillies raffle, too, and stuff like that for tickets, but it is what it is. We’re just happy to be here," fan Matt explained.

Carter, Sam and Matt traveled from Washington D.C. and, while they won’t be watching the game inside the stadium, their enthusiasm was not dampened.

The father, who traveled with his son from Indiana, was pulling out all the stops for a once in a lifetime experience.