Group of 9 juveniles, 2 stolen cars involved in crashes in downtown West Chester, police say

Police in West Chester are investigating two crashes involving stolen cars that left multiple people injured, and the suspects are believed to be a group of juveniles. 

Officials say emergency crews responded to two separate crashes in downtown West Chester at 12:11 a.m. on Tuesday.  

Authorities say the first incident involved a stolen vehicle that crashed at the intersection of East Gay and North Matlack Streets after hitting a light pole and other objects on the street. 

Multiple people inside the vehicle were transported to a local hospital for treatment, according to police. 


The second crash in a stolen vehicle took place at the intersection of West Gay and North Darlington Street, per police. 

Officials say the vehicle hit other cars in the area before coming to a complete stop. 

Individuals inside the car were transported to local hospitals for treatment, authorities say. 

Police say an investigation revealed one of the cars was a 2019 Alfa Romeo stolen from Malvern and the other is a Subaru stolen from Wilmington, Delaware. 

On Monday, FOX 29 first reported that a group of three individuals were caught on camera stealing an Alfa Romeo on Green Street in Malvern early Sunday morning. 

Ryan Brewer spoke to FOX 29's Kelly Rule and said that the car was his fiance's car, and he noticed it was missing when he woke up early ro drive his fiancé to the airport. 

"It was a huge shock," said Brewer. "It was a very strange feeling to walk out and not see your car there."

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Authorities say the two vehicles are connected and were being used by a group of nine juveniles from Wilmington. Police say all nine of the children are under the age of 17. 

"They're juveniles under the age of 17, all of them, and they're out past midnight on a school night and here they are making bad choices," said Chief James Morehead of the West Chester Police Department. 

The aftermath in West Chester after a stolen car struck a lamp post and possibly a tree before hitting parked cars at the intersection of East Gay and North Matlack Streets. 

Eight of the juveniles are in custody through police or a local hospital, officials say. One suspect ran off after the crash. 

Police say their injuries range from minor to serious. 

Police say they also found a gun stolen from King of Prussia in one of the vehicles.