Appreciating the positives that come from a snow day

We've shown views from the sky throughout our newscasts the past few days to give a different view of this storm. From the ground, we see the messy roads, slush and ice.

But if you change your perspective, you'll be amazed at what you can see. FOX 29's Bill Anderson has this "For Goodness' Sake" report.

On most snow days we're reminded of dangerous roads, the challenges of shoveling, and the annual debate over saving your parking space. All of the issues on the ground.

But in the air, via drone, sometimes a different perspective can make all the difference.

Keeping in mind all of the anxiety that already exists in society, Anderson made his way around our snow-covered region Thursday with the simple goal of appreciating the positives that come from a snow day.

From the moment I hit the road the drones eye view made it abundantly clear that images to put a smile on our face on a snow day are everywhere.  The sights were perhaps just easier to appreciate from a different perspective.

In Philadelphia, Kelly Drive and the streets surrounding the art museum may be treacherous when snow-covered in your car, but they're breathtaking from overhead.

And the same applies from county to county. If we focus on the headache of shoveling or messy roads in Chester County, then we miss the daredevil sledding kids that take us back to our childhood, with their fearless approach to a West Chester hill. Or, the relaxing view of a lake behind a well-known winery.

In Montgomery County, the stress of trying to find the last-minute gift during both a pandemic and a snowstorm was at least, for a moment, replaced by snow-covered Christmas decorations and messages that most of us probably walked by without ever stopping to notice and appreciate.

Taking a minute to just look at our surroundings revealed a snowman drinking a beer that lifetime Philadelphians would have to laugh at.

The point being that a slight perspective change both from the air – and the fact that the snow forces us to slow down, for just a second – can make all of the difference in how we view the day, and maybe how we should view more of them in the future.

So, yes, be careful. Be helpful to your neighbors. But, especially during the current times we live in, take a moment to be aware of all of the often-overlooked beauty around us, for goodness' sake!

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