Bensalem residents displaced after historic July flooding brace for Ida's impact

As Tropical Storm Ida makes its approach to the Delaware Valley, folks in Bensalem are bracing for what the system may bring, while still reeling from this summer’s storms.

"Again, we are at the mercy of the weather," stated Tom Ferliano.

Residents have been working for a month at Lafayette Gardens and making progress.

"So much work. And, mine’s better, because I’m on the second floor," resident Kathleen Hamilton remarked.

Not done from recovering from last month’s flooding, Hamilton said it’s okay; being finished would have made it worse.


"Is it, in a way, maybe better that you haven’t recovered yet?" asked FOX 29’s Hank Flynn.

"I think so, yeah. If I would’ve rebuilt and then had to tear it out and start again? I think that’s hard," replied Hamilton.

Lafayette Gardens residents aren’t easy to find, as most of the living spaces have been condemned and the folks who are out and about are contractors, tearing out moldy bathrooms and such and they know about a possible Tropical storm deluge.

"It’ll set us back a little bit, but it’s a good thing the stuff ain’t back up yet, so, wouldn’t have to tear anything down again," another resident commented. 

State officials, who visited after last month’s flooding, are draining some of Blue Marsh Lake, about 60 miles from Bensalem in Berks County, to create more flooding capacity downstream, in places like Bensalem, Bristol and others. Tom Ferliano, of Tom’s Electric, says he prays it helps. So much work remains.

"Permits have to be generated and we have to do through the same thing. So, it’s time-consuming. Our tenants, and so on and so forth, are suffering because of that. And, we have no other recourse," Ferliano stated.

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