Bystanders being shot at random with toy guns in 'dangerous' TikTok challenge, police warn

Police are warning residents that a new TikTok challenge has sparked a string of toy gun shootings in Allentown.

Over the law few weeks, bystanders have reportedly been shot at random with gel blaster toy guns. 

Police say the shootings are part of the "Orbeez Challenge," a trend that has recently gained popularity on TikTok.

The challenge consists of young people filming themselves loading Orbeez balls, water-absorbent polymer beads, into a gel blaster gun. They then drive-by and randomly shoot people.

Some victims have reportedly suffered injuries after being shot during these local incidents.


"This dangerous social media trend that is occurring throughout the nation is becoming an issue in the City, and it is something that we are taking very seriously," said Police Chief Charles Roca.

Police say those found in connection to the shooting could face legal charges.