Childbirth routines, preparations in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic

The novel coronavirus has kept many hospitals and its staff busy on the front lines combatting the disease. Even as focus shifts to battling COVID-19, some doctors and nurses remain concentrated on helping parents bring new life into the world.

FOX 29’s Bob Kelly spoke with Corilynn Lyons, a nurse from Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, about their procedures for childbirth and their preparations during a pandemic while still trying to keep everyone safe.


“We’re really trying to plan ahead with our families. They have to bring in all of their bags, their car seats, they have to get screened when they come in and once they are here, they’re here,” explained Lyons.

Even though there are a lot of procedures meant to keep people safe, there are still staff standing by to help whoever is in need, even when a mother is all alone.

“So, we actually have some moms that can’t have a delivery person here. Either because their significant other has the children at home and they’re watching the children so we have some nurses filling in as support people," Lyons said. "And they’re trying to create a really comfortable experience for the moms. They’re at their bedside, holding their hands. Sometimes they’re staying after their shifts and spending time.

 (Photo by Jennifer Polixenni Brankin/Getty Images)

Lyon also says the NICU is under some very strict visitation rules, making families and staff wash their hands constantly and for the staff to be wearing their masks at all times.

While the pandemic is keeping people at a far distance, like grandparents and other family members, the hospital is doing something special for them as well.

“We’re actually using a lot of social media, a lot of FaceTime with the families, we’re making sure to give our families time to connect with their families and in the NICU, we’re actually using FaceTime so that the parents can actually read their babies stories so that they can participate in care.”

The nursing staff at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, like other hospitals in the area, are finding new ways to keep people safe during the pandemic but hopes that some day soon, things will be able to go back to normal.


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