For the love of customers, Doylestown shop owner to hold refund promotion if hometown team wins big

A lot of people may think the owner of Doylestown shop, Sports Connection, John Calvecchio, has gone nuts. His wife thought he was crazy, too. But, Calvecchio, who sells sneakers and sports cards, wanted to do something to cheer on his team and to give back to his customers.

Calvecchio put an ad on his Instagram saying he would refund purchases of $300.00, or more, made from Black Friday to January 29, if the birds win the big game.

"I thought about my love for the birds and the passion this city has and the shared love that we all have for sneakers, urban wear and sports cards," Calvecchio explained. "I thought this would just be a great way to give back and give people an opportunity to share."

John’s wife, Jessica, says customers are very excited about the promotion.

"Some people have been back in multiple times, because of the promotion and bought different things and they keep asking, ‘Is that promotion still good?’ Yup, it’s still good!" Jessica Calvecchio explained.

"Everybody thought I was crazy. People I work with, my wife, everyone. I mean, they were all chomping at their fingers and biting nails every weekend. I was pretty happy and excited. I just want them to win," John commented.

In order to get a refund, John says customers need to bring their receipts or credit card statement and he’ll give customers a check or issue a refund to their credit card.