Local boy asks school board for help after family claims incessant bullying has gone unaddressed

A Camden County boy made an emotional plea for help at a recent school board meeting after he and his family claimed constant bullying and torment on the school bus has gone unaddressed.

Ayden, a 12-year-old student at Beck Middle School in Cherry Hill, said the ridicule from students has included questions about his sexuality and gender identity. 

"I feel upset, angry, sad," Ayden told FOX 29's Dawn Timmeny. 

He claims one of his tormenters lunged at him when he used his cell phone to record the incessant bullying during a bus ride to school. 

"I mean, I'm very proud of myself, I think it's very important if any other kids are going through this," Ayden said. "I also hope this ends, like, I don't want to go through this." 


Ayden, who is in 6th grade, spoke at a recent school board meeting and detailed the torment that he and his parents claim has since gone unaddressed. 

His parents say they reported everything to school administrators and filed a ‘Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying’ report. They were shocked to receive a letter saying an investigation showed "no violation occurred." 

"In my mind, how can you watch this video and no think this kid has been harassed," David Kuzmanich, Ayden's father, said. 

Ayden's mother Tina Longo says it's heartbreaking to see her son who she described as "sweet and easy going" being mercilessly bullied for no reason. 

"Nobody wants to be treated like this. It's offensive. It's hurtful," Tina said.

The parents have since reached out to Camden County Human Services and Cherry Hill Police.