Media holds successful first 'Ice on State' despite vandals destruction of several sculptures

The cold temperatures made for the perfect conditions for "Ice on State," in Media this weekend, but some sculptures unfortunately did not make it through the night.

The borough teamed up with Iceicephilly to place sculptures up and down State Street that businesses and non-profits sponsored.

Be the Joy Foundation purchased a sculpture and set up on Saturday to fundraise for their non-profit, which just recently paid off more than $2,000 worth of school lunches for the Rose Tree Media School District.

Founder Brittany Scharr says they were able to fundraise $1,300, on Saturday, which will go right back to the community. However, before coming back on Sunday, she got a phone call that several sculptures were destroyed and hers didn’t make it.


Another resident sent FOX 29 pictures of additional sculptures in pieces at State Street and Veterans Square.

"Why would you try and destroy something that’s bringing joy to the families, giving them something to do in the middle of January when there’s not much to do?" asked Drew Beahm, Assistant General Manager at 320 Market Café.

Beahm says without the event, they would have likely had a quiet weekend, given the time of year and cold temperatures.

"It brought people when we’ve been slow, so we gladly enjoyed it," says Beahm. "Lots of families with strollers, kids. Just seemed like a good thing for families to do."

Scharr said without the sculpture, they didn’t come back to fundraise on Sunday.

While the vandalism was disappointing for business owners to hear about, they say the event was overall a huge success for Media.

"We saw customers, a lot from Delaware, Southern Jersey, all the way, the furthest was New York," says Drew Arata, Co-Owner of Earth and State. "We were psyched with this event, a lot of people came out, and we’re really, really happy that it went well."