'Protecting his sister': Mom hopes son, 16, will walk again after being 'shot by sister's half-brother'

A mother's worst nightmare; a phone call breaking the news that her son just became another victim of gun violence at just 16 years old.

That was the reality for Ebony Williams when she learned that her son, Wilbert Green, was reportedly shot in the back in North Philadelphia last week.

"We were on our way back from picking our two daughters up from school… and we get a phone call," Williams said.

This tragedy hits even closer to home for Williams and her family, because the shooter is allegedly the 28-year-old half-brother of Green's sister.

"My son was protecting his sister from her half-brother," Williams said.


She claims the half-brother was physically attacking her son's sister; an allegedly recurring incident. However, this time things escalated.

"It took his pride that he couldn't beat my son," Williams said.

The 16-year-old was struck three time in the back while running away. He is still recovering in the hospital after being transported in critical condition.

Williams says the doctors don't believe her son will walk again, but she has faith that one day he will.

"Yesterday was our hardest day, and I know we have a lot more coming," she said.

Police are still looking for the alleged suspect in the shooting as an investigation continues.