N.J. Gov. Murphy signs bill requiring schools teach diversity, inclusion

Governor Phil Murphy, with the stroke of a pen, signs a bill into law requiring diversity and inclusion to be taught in New Jersey schools.

"I think so! I mean, you’ve got to start somewhere," James Gaddy exclaimed.

Gaddy likes the sound of the new law, as he works with young people through fitness and yoga. He calls the new diversity in education law a concrete step that long needed taking.

"So, I love where it’s actually being known that it is a law where it needs to be taken more seriously. It’s actually meaning something and, actually, to do something that’s real change and lasting change, that starts at the foundation levels," Gaddy stated.

The new law took effect upon signature, but takes better shape once New Jersey’s education commissioner assigns a framework of activities and resources to New Jersey’s 600 plus school districts. The law promotes diversity in economy, race, creed and gender.

The Hedquists were over for the day from Philly and they like the notion of a Keystone version.

"Absolutely. I think you want that foundation. At the end of the day, I think it’s a bit of a partnership between the parents and the school system. And, so you have to have some pushes and pulls there. If you have that foundation, it sets up the family and it sets up the individual for having those conversations at home," remarked Mr. Hedquist.

The bill did have its opponents, including Republican Assemblyman Ryan Peters, of Lumberton, who said, in a statement, that local districts know what’s best for their children. He tends to vote against when he feels the capitol is overstepping itself.

"Yeah, I feel like, in today’s world, these stereotypes cause a lot of commotion within Asian communities," said Trish. "Especially with kids growing up, I feel like that’s a really important factor – to create more diversity and love between each other."



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