Parents voice frustrations over asbestos in Philadelphia schools

Parents, teachers and administrators are continuing to criticize the School District of Philadelphia for a lack of transparency, communication, and action in tackling this widespread, decades-long neglected beast of a health issue in several city schools.

"Despite our proven expertise, the district has shut us out of meetings and repeatedly made risky gambles with the health of our staff and students," one teacher said. "It's hard to trust when our wounds so deep, our concerns were dismissed and we were rushed back into an unsafe building."

At a packed school board meeting Thursday night, teachers and parents addressed the need for accountability and trust.

State and local leaders are throwing their support behind the school administrators union, teamsters Local 502.

"It's been really important that principals become unified with the rest of communities. They are being put in a terrible position," Councilmember Helen Gym said. "They’re not environmental experts and they’re asked to sign off on letters attesting to the safety of schools that they have not personally inspected."


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On Wednesday, Governor Wolf announced a billion-dollar plan to fix toxic schools statewide. The question is if approved how much of that could come to Philadelphia and when?

"We need more emergency money now. I’m going to say it again. We need more emergency money now from all sources," State Sen. Vincent Hughes said.


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