Philadelphia protests: Hundreds shut down Center City streets demanding divestment from Israel

Center City was the scene of another Philadelphia protest Tuesday as 350 demonstrators gathered to call for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

Hundreds of Jews, rabbis, faith leaders and allies blocked streets in front of the Israel Bonds Sales demanding divestment from Israel.

"Calling for institutions and individuals to stop investing in the Israeli military’s genocidal war in Gaza through the direct financial support of Israel Bonds," Jewish Voice for Peace said in a statement.

Police were on the scene as traffic was rerouted from Walnut and Broad Street, and protesters held signs reading "Genocide funded here" and "Jews say Divest from Israel Bonds."

A semi-permanent mural was also painted in front of the building.


"This public art-based act of civil disobedience, organized by members and activists affiliated with Jewish Voice for Peace – Philadelphia, calls on local individuals and institutions to divest from Israel Bonds – direct loans to the Israeli military and government – which provide funding for the Israeli military’s violent, decades-long campaign against Palestinians."

Jewish Voice for Peace says they are specifically calling on the Pennsylvania Treasury to divest its almost $100 million in Israel Bonds.

This demonstration follows several student protests across the country, including one at the University of Pennsylvania that ended in more than 30 arrests.

A spokesperson for Israel Bonds issued a statement following the protests. 

"The very small group of individuals outside our offices shouting hateful slogans cannot distract from the undeniable truth: Israel Bonds has enjoyed unprecedented support since October 7th, raising more than $3 Billion worldwide. We are grateful for the many investors — from college students to State Treasurers — who have bought our bonds in Pennsylvania and across the country. We look forward to building on this success in the months ahead and continuing to make clear that boycott efforts are doomed to fail."