Philadelphia school won't fully reopen for another year after asbestos concerns

The School District of Philadelphia has announced reopening updates for one of its schools affected by asbestos last year.

Frankford High School first closed its doors in April 2023 after asbestos was discovered on school grounds, including the first floor where the cafeteria is located.

The district initially said that the damage would force the school to stay shut for one academic year.

However, on Tuesday, they announced a $19.9 million investment plan that is expected to reopen the building for the 2025-26 school year.


The plan will address damaged asbestos and refresh the 108-year-old building.

"Frankford has been an important and historic center for learning for more than a century in Philadelphia, and we are confident this investment will enable us to safely reopen the building to students and staff," said Chief Operating Officer Oz Hill.

Most students were cleared to learn in a sealed-off section of the school this past school year, while freshmen were relocated to Roberto Clemente Middle School.

The district says the school will follow the same educational plan until the building reopens.