Police: 16-year-old shot, killed after getting out of Lyft with twin sister in East Oak Lane

Police say a teenage boy was killed when three gunmen "lying in wait" ambushed the child when he and his twin sister returned home from work Tuesday night in East Oak Lane.

Investigators say 16-year-old Ahjaon Jackson and his twin sister go out of a Lyft car outside of their home on the 200 block of East Fariston Drive just around 11 p.m. when two gunmen in dark clothes and masks opened fire. 


Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said the gunmen fired at least 15 shots from close range, striking the teen in the head, chest and back. The victim's sister was not hit by gunfire, according to police.

Responding officers drove Ahjaon to Einstein Medical Center where police say he died. 

A 16-year-old boy is dead after he was gunned down in front of his home Tuesday night in East Oak Lane.

"It appears that he was clearly the intended target due to the fact that he was struck so many times by gunfire and the ballistic evidence was just feet, and some were just inches away from where he had collapsed," Small said.

Investigators found a semiautomatic gun on the sidewalk near the shooting, but police do not know who had the gun at the time of the shooting. Officials said three males were at the scene, two of whom reportedly fired the shots.

Deputy Commissioner Ben Naish said police do not know why he would have been targeted.  Police spoke to the manager and employees at the McDonald's where the siblings worked and found no problems or disturbances involving Ahjaon.

"Right now we don't have any solid direction on who's responsible, but we know that from the way the incident unfolded that people were waiting to attack him," Naish said.



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