Police: Explosive device found in attempt to blow up ATM in Tioga; 3 suspects sought

A trio of suspect's dangerous attempt to steal money using explosives has proved unsuccessful, according to the Philadelphia Police Department.

An explosive device was found on the 3500 block of North 17th Street in the city's Tioga section around 3:40 a.m Tuesday.

Police say the device was used in an attempt to blow up an ATM located just outside a convenience store.

Footage from inside the store shows three men dressed in hooded sweatshirts crowded around the counter. One of the men dressed in red pants is seen placing something near the ATM that begins to smoke as the trio flees the store. 

Soon after, a large explosion occurs inside the store, leaving pieces of debris scattered on the floor as the room fills with smoke.

Just as the explosion goes off, the overnight clerk, Mohammed Oumar, is seen running away from it from behind the counter. 

"I looked at the camera and I saw like a bomb inside the machine," said Oumar. 

He says smoke started hissing from inside the ATM before it rocked the small convenience store. Oumar says he dropped to the ground then went inside the bathroom to get away from the thick smoke. 


Footage from the scene appeared to show the front part of the machine missing, but the rest remained intact.

At least three male suspects, who police say could be in their teens to early 20s, fled the scene, and are being sought by police.

Over the last few years, Philadelphia Police have responded to several other ATM explosions and thefts. 

In January, witnesses say they heard an explosion on North 65th and Media streets in West Philadelphia where police say there was an attempted ATM theft. 

That same month, police say the suspects got inside a store on the 7000 block of Woodland Avenue and removed an ATM and stole cash, merchandise, and a handgun. 

In this latest attempted theft, Oumar says the safe inside the store was not damaged, and no cash was taken.