Police: 2 bodies found inside home of man, 67, missing from Logan

Authorities say there was a horrifying double murder scene on the 4600 block of North Broad Street in the city’s Logan section. Philadelphia Police say they found a decomposed body of a person shot on the 3rd floor of a house. The gender and identification of the person remain unknown.

According to police, investigators also found the body of a 45-year-old man shot and killed.

Police say that the victim tried to check on the elderly man who lives in the house when he argued with another man who allegedly shot and killed him.


"It does not appear that the individual who had come here had any intention other than to assist the family in locating their missing grand-relative," Philadelphia Police Inspector DF Pace said.

According to police, the subject of the original welfare check, 67-year-old Ben McMichael, is nowhere to be found. 

Authorities say his family has not seen or spoken to him since Thursday and hope he will be located soon.

Three firearms were found inside the house and one arrest has been made, police say.


Police later identified the shooter as 22-year-old Czar McMichael, who is accused of fatally shooting his grandfather Benjamin McMichael, 67, and another man who may be a relative, Anthony Ham, 45.