Police: Man shot while fighting back against 2 armed suspects in Wissinoming robbery

Police say a man turned the tables on two suspects during a botched robbery in a Philadelphia neighborhood Monday afternoon.

One suspect reportedly tried to rob the 46-year-old victim at gunpoint near Erdrick and East Cheltenham streets around 2 p.m.

Police say he fought back, took the suspect's gun and tried to hold him down.

A second suspect then rushes his way and started firing shots striking the victim in the leg, according to police.

When the victim returned fire, police say both suspects retreated to a car parked down the street and fled.


The victim is said to be in stable condition after being transported to a local hospital.

Police say 15 shell casing and two projectiles were found at the scene. Attempts to recover a gun from a nearby sewer were underway following the shooting.