Rep. Boyle's brother speaks out amid arrest warrant: 'Kevin’s mental illness has been a nightmare'

The brother of Pennsylvania Rep. Kevin Boyle, who is also a U.S. congressman, claims the lawmaker and his family are dealing with a "mental illness" as Philadelphia police issue a warrant for his arrest.

"Kevin’s mental illness has been a nightmare for our family," Congressman Brendan Boyle said in a statement Wednesday. "Like any family who has a beloved member with a serious health issue, we are doing the best we can to help him get better."

Kevin Boyle is currently wanted for violating a Protection from Abuse, according to police, who did not release any further information on the arrest warrant.

Boyle's brother says he started to exhibit signs of "very serious" mental illness in 2021, the same year police say he was arrested for his first Protection from Abuse violation.


However, Boyle claims his brother made a full recovery, and exhibited "no symptoms" for the next two years.

"Tragically, several months ago his symptoms returned," Boyle said. "In recent weeks, his mental health has even further deteriorated. It’s been painful to watch an intelligent, accomplished person with a big heart decline in such a precipitous way."

Family, friends and colleagues have tried to get Boyle into treatment, with no success, according to his brother.

"Our sole focus now is for Kevin to get the medical treatment he needs and to make a full recovery like he did previously."

As of Wednesday afternoon, Boyle has yet to turn himself into police.