Residents rethink everyday habits with coronavirus in Montgomery, Delaware counties

Stories of coronavirus are everywhere and the disease has found it’s way into Pennsylvania, New and New Jersey this week.

Governor Tom Wolf has confirmed two new presumptive positive cases of 2019 Novel coronavirus from Montgomery County Saturday evening. They are reported as having mild symptoms and are in isolation at their homes.

“It travels fast. Rapidly. I just heard last night about Delaware County, now Montgomery County. It’s crazy,” stated Tony Ballard. “Hope for the best, expect for the worst. Take proper preparation. Do your research. Pray. I would say that.”

Some are taking a more holistic approach to the news.

“All mentality, all the energy that you put out matter. The things you consume and put in your mind every day, I feel like really help, or not help, you in a situation,” Ashley Gallo remarked.


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Meanwhile, the coronavirus has already made its way to Delaware County. The Pennsylvania Department of Health has community nurses talking with residents who know the woman who is presumed positive for coronavirus.

“They are conducting aggressive contact tracing to identify the people this individual may have come into contact with and alerting those individuals. They will quarantine when warranted and notify public locations when warranted,” explained Doctor Monica Taylor, Vice Chair, Delaware County Council.

The state is not releasing which municipality the patient lives in. This has led to confusion and people mis-identifying the patient’s home.

Johns Hopkins website has an international map of confirmed COVID cases. If you zoom in to the map, you will see a home in south Media. This is not where the patient lives. The location is aggregated to the center of the county. It is not an indication of where the female lives,” Dr. Taylor continued.

Sharon Freeman works at the Springfield Mall. She says the news of a confirmed case of coronavirus has forced a change of behavior for her.

“It has changed my habits. I do a lot of buying online and picking up in-store with packages that come from all over the place, not just the United States, so yes, we are taking a lot of precautions,” Freeman explained.


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