Temple University introduces upgrades, enhancements to campus security

Students at Temple University are getting ready to return to campus and the university is talking about enhanced security measures to keep students, staff and the community safe. Vice President of Public Safety of Temple University, Dr. Jennifer Griffin, sat with FOX 29’s Alex Holley and Mike Jerrick to talk about changes and upgrades to campus security.

"We do use technology to keep our community safe. So, we have about 1,500 cameras and then we’re replacing 500 cameras, so we can add artificial intelligence overtop of them, which will help us."

Mike Jerrick asks, "Do you have technology where it detects a gun?"
"Yes and we’ve spoken to the chief of SEPTA about their pilot program. We’re in communication with them and we are looking at different types of technology to detect guns."


Griffin went on to say they are working with the Philadelphia Police Department regarding the edges of campus where students live, but are not technically considered campus. She stated Temple’s police were to train with Philly police, adding Temple uses internal cameras on campus, while Philly police have additional cameras in their patrol zones and beyond that.

Alex Holley asked about Temple and Philly police shifts and specific patrolling. Griffin responded that students will see an enhanced police presence on campus and in the borderline areas, as Temple police adopt a park and walk strategy, more walking patrols, more bike patrols, along with Philadelphia police adopting similar strategies.


In addition, Temple police have adopted a new schedule strategy in order to give officers better downtime, which, in turn, helps in the job.

Griffin went on to say Temple University’s safety app is up and running. She stated the app has more features from its previous version, including a panic button which has a geo locator, flight shuttle system, as well as the ability to request an escort to walk with, either virtually or an in-person escort and it is now open 24 hours a day.

Temple’s move-in day is August 21st and the first day of classes is August 28th.