Video: Illegal donuts, burnouts, fireworks erupt as hundreds gather on Old City streets

Chaos unfolded in Old City late Saturday night as droves of cars and large crowds filled the streets.

Crowds began to gather near the intersection of Market and 4th streets around 10 p.m., with cars blocking traffic in all directions. Hundreds of people then emerged from the cars, some forming a large circle at the intersection.

Video from the scene showed several cars performing doughnuts and burnouts. Fireworks also appeared to be set off several times from the crowd, exploding above the crowded streets.

Smoke filled the air, along with sounds of the growing crowds and tires spinning out in the middle of the intersection.


Police responded to the scene for "cars driving recklessly" several minutes later, dispersing the crowd and opening the streets to traffic once again. No injuries were reported, and no charges announced.

The same crowd reportedly moved to other locations throughout the city after being broken up in Old City.