Video: Delaware jewelry store owner brutally beaten by armed robbery suspect

New video has emerged in a violent assault and robbery that occurred in a Wilmington, Delaware jewelry store earlier this month. 

The incident occurred back on the morning of Sept. 15 inside the store located on the 100 block of West 9th Street. 

Video of the incident shows the suspect looking through a display case with the 68-year-old owner. Then, the suspect appears to pull out a firearm, grab the owner, and begins striking him with the gun in hand. 

The owner falls to the floor as the suspect jumps over the display case and can be seen continuing to strike the owner as he laid helpless on the ground. 


For the next several minutes, the suspect can be seen going through display cases and taking jewelry before finally leaving through the front door. 

A week after the incident, 39-year-old Calvin Ushery was arrested in connection with the incident. 

The owner's family created a GoFundMe page to aid in his recovery. According to the page, the victim spent several days in intensive care before he was moved to a rehabilitation facility. 

"He is relearning how to do the most basic things like walk, read, and talk.  My father is 68 and his "American Dream" has come to a crashing halt," the page reads in part. 

Ushery faces multiple charges, including robbery, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and related charges.