Video: Four suspects in masks sought after man chasing down catalytic converter thieves is shot

Police released video of a shooting that erupted when one brave man intervened in an reported catalytic converter theft.

It all began when four men were reportedly caught in the act of stealing a catalytic converter from a van on West Pomona Street in East Germantown last week.

The block captain and the van's owner came outside and the block captain was shot in the chest after confronting and chasing the suspects as they fled.


Video from the scene appears to show the suspects wearing Halloween masks with the alleged shooter brandishing a semi-automatic gun with a laser sight.

Police say two of the suspects were last seen in a silver sedan, while the other two fled on foot.

"We don’t have good shots of their faces, but someone knows the car someone knows the individuals," Captain John Walker said.

The 52-year-old victim was released from the hospital as police search for the group of suspects. Meanwhile, neighbors on the block are left shaken. 

"They’re running down the street, they’re shooting guns, this is down the street from my office," Venisa Gardner said. "It’s a scary situation, we don’t feel safe in Philadelphia."