Viewing held for Drexel Hill teen fatally stabbed as search for murderer continues

Friends and loved ones are saying their final goodbyes to Michael Garr, the Drexel Hill teenager who was stabbed and killed one week ago.

"When I think about it, it really broke my heart," said Nasima Ullah. She is part of a community in mourning that is preparing to say final goodbyes to 15-year-old Michael Garr, Jr.

"I want right justice for him and his family. We are a strong support for his family and the community," said Ullah. She came out for the teen's viewing Friday night at a funeral home in Arlington Cemetery in Drexel Hill. She says her daughter was Michael's classmate.

"I can't even explain how it's painful my daughter is still with us and he's not," she said.

Upper Darby Police say someone stabbed Michael to death last Friday night around 9:30. It happened on the 200 block of Bridge Street. They say Michael was walking home and when it happened. He was almost there.


Laura Wentz is the vice president of Upper Darby Township Council.

"This is a horrific situation that this young man was killed in his community and in his neighborhood," she said.

Meanwhile, Michael's neighborhood is lighting up in green for him. Michael loved Philly sports teams and was a huge Eagle's fan. Family and friends are waiting for justice.

"I hope we are able to do what we can to stop this type of violence in our township," said Wentz.

Earlier in the week, police released a surveillance picture of a couple walking in the area around the time the stabbing happened. Friday night, police say they identified them. Police are talking to them about what they may have seen or heard but say they are not suspects.

The Delaware County Fraternal Order of Police has since offered a $10,000 reward leading to an arrest and conviction.