Visitors skeptical about visiting Philly in the wake of increasing gun violence

After the Fourth of July shooting on the parkway, city officials said that they will not scale back events in the city, but instead, will focus on increasing security. Now, many people are questioning whether increased security is enough to keep visitors coming to the city and safe while they’re here. 

Jamal Johnson, founder of "STOP Killing US," protests daily around Philadelphia, specifically at the places where shootings and murders occur, but on the days leading up to the Fourth of July, he changed his message. 

"We held up posters with the public service announcement that visiting Philadelphia may be hazardous to your safety due to the increase in gun violence," he said. 

FOX 29’s Shawnette Wilson went over the bridge to chat with Collingswood residents to see how people in the suburbs feel about visiting the city. 

"If there’s a whole bunch of stuff going on in Philly, why would I go if there’s a chance of danger?" said Imani Delgado.


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On the other hand, some Collingswood residents say Philadelphia’s restaurants, theaters, and other arts are the reason they will continue visiting the City of Brotherly Love.

Russ and Mary Jackson say they enjoy coming to the city, but they avoid coming here when there are big events, like the July 4th parade and fireworks show. 

"When you get into your mid-80s, you don’t want to get knocked over," Russ Jackson said. "You’re more worried about the crowds than idiots with guns, so we don’t do that, it’s not a problem for us." 

As gun violence increases across the city, Johnson has been dedicating his time to advocating for the National Guard to come to Philadelphia. Johnson says their presence alone will help with the city’s violence. 

"Once we stop the bleeding then people will start realizing and feeling safer in our city. Those who live here and those who visit here," he said.