'We have no vaccine to give': Montco struggles with obtaining enough COVID vaccine

Like many locales across the country, Montgomery County is struggling to obtain enough COVID-19 doses. When it comes to doses of the vaccine - demand outstrips the supply.

29-year-old Jordan Gorski was only too happy to offer his shoulder at one of. Montgomery County’s vaccination sites.

"Pretty good day for you?" asked FOX 29’s Jeff Cole.

"I’m happy. It was really easy to sign up to get the vaccine and the process here went really smooth," Gorski replied.

The Temple grad is a waiter and worker in a dermatology practice, which helped him get his second job at Moderna.

"Whoever wants it should be able to get it. I understand there should be a tiered priority as far as people most at risk: medical professionals, postal workers, restaurant workers," Gorski added.

Everyone who came to the converted college gym for a shot Wednesday was getting their second one.

In Montgomery County, there were no first doses of vaccine Wednesday. The county ran out of its 1,000 dose allotment from the state Tuesday.

"We will be ready when they send more vaccine. We will be ready to give it," Chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners Dr. Valerie Arkoosh stated.

The leader of the county’s Board of Commissioners warns if the number of doses the 830,000 resident county receives doesn’t increase, it will take more than a year to vaccinate in just the 1A phase.

Dr. Arkoosh expects nearly 4,000 first doses to arrive Thursday, and longs for many more in the future.

"Our problem is not giving the vaccine. We have no vaccine to give. I can open another two sites in 10 days, if we had vaccine," Dr. Arkoosh lamented.

Lauren Dillon is a physical therapist for older patients. She’s seen much loss and misery among the population she serves.

"I do feel fortunate. I wish my mom was able to get her dose. It’s a mixed emotion, I suppose. I feel more comfortable going to work," Dillon explained.



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