'We need more cops': Philadelphia police sending more officers to city's most violent areas

Some of Philadelphia's most troubled and violent areas will soon see more support from the city's police department closely following another year with over 500 homicides. 

Starting Monday, the Philadelphia Police Department will disperse more than 100 officers in four different districts that cover North Philadelphia, Kensington and Tioga-Nicetown. 

The strategically selected districts, according to police, account for nearly half of Philadelphia's gun violence. 

Forty newly-minted officers walking the beat in these areas will be joined Monday by 60 administrative officers for a 30-workday cycle that will last several weeks and repeat throughout the year. 


"We're in a time we've never seen before, having the amount of homicides we've had in the city and the amount of shooting victims," First Deputy Commissioner John Stanford said. 

The aggressive strategy to attack gun violence at the source is backed by Philadelphia Police Union Boss John McNesby, who called the move a "safety issue" to give officers more backup. 

Community members like Oronde McClain also approve of the plan to put more officers in high crime areas. McClain was shot in the back of the head as a 10-year-old and is now an advocate. 

"We need more cops," McClain said. "If there are no cops in the neighborhood, there's more crime."