7 fatal crashes along 'dangerous' Route 130 in Pennsauken so far this year, Here's why

Pennsauken Police have had lots of deadly crashes and pedestrians hit and killed in years past, but nothing like the start of this year.

Many call the highway ‘dangerous’ as very deadly accidents have occurred along Route 130. The latest accident occurred Sunday night.

"Right now we're up to seven fatal motor vehicle crashes for the year…just 130"  said Lieutenant Joseph Kuchmek, Pensauken Police. 

"I just had a friend of mine got killed not too long ago got run over."

Pedestrians were the victims in three of the seven fatal crashes. None of them were found to be the fault of drivers, police say. 

"We have several curves also, with 130 there's no shoulders so you have six lanes of traffic all the way across and no shoulders, so really that even puts passing motorists at an even bigger disadvantage." said Lieutenant Joseph Kuchmek.


Multiple pedestrian crosswalks were put along the highway since the dangers to drivers and pedestrians along Route 130 in Pennsauken are well known.

However, people trying to dart or walk across the busy six-lane winding highway and hurdle over the concrete median are at a higher risk. 

"It is pretty sad because they think they're saving themselves a few minutes where they can be costing themselves their lives," said Lieutenant Kuchmek.

According to investigators, in Sunday night’s deadly crash, a woman killed in the accident was having a heart attack or some other medical emergency that caused her to crash into two other cars. 

Unfortunately, with tight-fitting lanes and no shoulders, there is little room for others to avoid any car and driver or less train that isn't staying where they should be.