Back to school: Local students heading back to classrooms for a more normal school year

With Labor Day in the rearview mirror, many local students will head back to classrooms on Tuesday for what they hope will be a more normal school year in the post-pandemic world. 

Students in Delaware County public schools will mark the first day of the new academic year on a dreary and rainy Tuesday, which will match the mood of some students who are sad to see summer end.

Still, this school year should be different for students who have spent the last two years managing COVID-19 precautions like indoor mask mandates and remote learning. 

"I was going to be a freshman so going in with masks it was just a totally different experience," said Natalie Mancini, and incoming Sophomore. "I’m excited this year because there are no masks."


If battling down COVID to a manageable level over the last two years wasn't hard enough, parents worried that rolling supply chain issue could leave students without back to school essentials. 

Luckily for local parents who spoke to FOX 29, the stores were stocked with everything needed for a fresh school year. Even the procrastinators found what they were looking for. 

"I chose not to go to Walmart or Target because I figured that would be picked over," Rebecca Canterman said. "I figured Staples would be our best bet, and they actually have a really good selection."

While the end of summer is a day most kids dread, some parents treat the occasion like a mini-holiday. 

"I’m done with summer, football season coming up, take these kids to school," Donte Ruley said.