Berks County man accused of sexually abusing children, secretly filming them

A Berks County man remains in police custody after he was accused of secretly filming and sexually abusing children in Pennsylvania, authorities say. 

Justin S. Rutherford, 32 of Douglassville, numerous charges including Rape, Sexual Assault, Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse, Indecent Assault, and many more after authorities allege his involvement in the secret recording of children as well as the sexual abuse of children. 

An investigation began on July 17 when the Berks County Detective's Office received a tip, which identified a 13-year-old boy having been secretly captured by a hidden camera while showering inside a bathroom. 

On the same day, an Amity Township police officer interviewed the 13-year-old boy along with his mother, who was in possession of what appeared to be a recording device. The officer interviewed both of them, seized the recording device, and then created a police report detailing the information and events. 

On July 23, 2021, Berks County Detectives further interviewed the young victim in the presence of his mother. The victim disclosed that he was at his friend’s residence, located on Pleasant View Drive in Amity Township on Saturday, July 17th. While at the home, he used a bathroom on the second floor. 

While inside this bathroom, the victim noticed a "black cube" plugged into a wall outlet. Upon closer examination, he observed a "faint blue light" illuminated on the corner of this "black cube". Believing this was a camera, the victim phoned his mother and both described the item as well as took photographs of the "black cube". Through research, the mother figured the device was most likely a camera and instructed her son to take possession of the device, police say. 

The victim then shared his concerns with a different friend who was also inside the residence at the time. The two boys removed the "black cube" from the outlet and then departed the home. 


On July 20, caseworkers from Berks County Children and Youth Services interviewed the defendant, Justin Scott Rutherford, and his wife. Both denied having any knowledge of a camera installed inside their 2nd floor bathroom.

One week later on July 27, Detectives obtained a search warrant, to forensically examine the "black cube" which contained a camera and an SD card.

An examination of the "black cube", by the Digital Forensics team, yielded approximately 2,822 videos and 1,400 pictures. The files dated back to 2018. There were numerous videos which captured unsuspecting guests and family members in various states of undress, while using the 2nd floor bathroom.

The Detectives were able to positively identify six juvenile and two adult victims who were captured in some state of undress inside the secondfloor bathroom. 

According to officials, the camera appeared to be motion activated and had the capability of being viewed live through an application, potentially downloaded to a cellular telephone.

On August 10, detectives executed a search warrant at Rutherford's Amity Township residence. During the course of the execution of the search warrant, detectives seized numerous electronic devices, which included a similar looking "black cube" device, which was located inside a nightstand, closest to where the defendant sleeps.

Eventually, this investigation lead the Detectives to two juvenile male victims, both disclosing that they were sexually abused and assaulted by the defendant, Justin Rutherford.

On August 31, a juvenile male victim disclosed during a forensic Interview, that he was at the defendant’s residence back in May 2021. While there, the defendant provided him alcohol and marijuana. The victim felt intoxicated and fell asleep. The defendant then sexually assaulted this victim.

On September 1, a 16-year-old male victim disclosed during a Forensic Interview, that the defendant, started sexually abusing him when he was approximately 11 years old, and continued up until July 2021.

On October 1, the Berks County Detective’s Office filed criminal charges against the defendant, Justin Scott Rutherford, and an arrest warrant was issued.

The next during the early afternoon, the defendant was apprehended at Washington Dulles International Airport, located in Virginia. 

Rutherford was released to the local Sheriff’s Department and he is currently incarcerated in the Loudoun County Adult Detection Center, located in Leesburg, Virginia, pending extradition back to Berks County.

This investigation remains active and ongoing and Detectives are attempting to identify additional unsuspecting victims who were captured in a state of undress by the camera inside the 2nd floor bathroom.



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