Camden County participates in gun buyback program

Nine New Jersey counties participated in a gun buyback program on Saturday that offered cash to anyone with unwanted firearms with no questions asked. 

New Jersey Acting Attorney General Andrew Bruck along with local enforcement agencies coordinated the event. 


Up to $250 was given out to anyone who turned in a gun, max three guns per person at the no questions asked events across the state.

"All the guns will be run through NCIC, we’ll make sure they’re not stolen, if they are we’ll try to get them back to their owners," Robert Ferris from the Camden County Prosecutor's Office said "Then once the guns are all run, we’ll be taking by them up to the state police."

Chief of Police for the Camden County Police Department, Gabriel Rodriguez, said even turning in non-functioning guns helps reduce the potential for violent crimes. 

Camden County was one of nine New Jersey counties that participated in a gun buyback program on Sunday. 

"I don’t know if a gun (that) is pointed at my face works or not, I’m going to give you everything I have,"  Chief Rodriguez said. 

"Getting any weapon off the street, even if it’s a collector (item) something you inherited from your grandparents that’s just sitting around, it may end up in the wrong hands."

Authorities will jointly announce how many guns were turned over during the event sometime next week. 



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