City leaders, again, address violence as shootings continue unabated

More than half a dozen shootings in Philadelphia in less than 24 hours and city leaders, again, address the violence Wednesday. In this instance, they had encouraging news to share.

In a span of just 15 hours, not one, not two, not three, but seven reported shootings took place overnight.

Now progress announced as a suspect for three different murders, including one on Christmas Eve, is in custody.

"I can tell you three days after our first press release, we obtained information on the individual’s whereabouts. We were able to take him into custody on March 20th and he’s remained in custody since that time," explained

Commissioner Outlaw spoke at length on the gun violence epidemic, especially around recreational centers.

"With the frequency that our victims have been under the age of 18, and some of our offenders have been juveniles, as well, with nicer weather, already it’s more important than ever, not only for there to be programming, but we also need to ensure that the venues we’ve set up for them, as a city, is safe," Commissioner Outlaw commented.

District Attorney Larry Krasner spoke on the surging gun violence on FOX 29 Good Day.

"It is absolutely heartbreaking the number of kids we see shot and the number of people being shot. I go to crime scenes frequently, at the hospital bed…it’s a very painful situation for everyone," DA Krasner explained.

He also defended his conviction record before the pandemic and said the problem isn’t just local.

"We also had, before COVID, an 85 percent conviction for shootings, which is among the highest conviction rates in the United States. The fact is, what’s happening here is happening all over the country and in big cities is a terrible increase in gun violence," DA Krasner went on.

He added as hard as it may seem, progress is being made.

"In the last six weeks, what we’ve seen, as the courts just start to open up, is a 90 percent rate gun violence being held over for trial. That’s better than it was," Krasner said.

The person in custody for the Christmas Eve murder is also being charged for a quadruple shooting, which resulted in two deaths and the killing of a newly-released man outside of a prison. Authorities said the victim was killed in a case of mistaken identity.



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