Federal prosecutors play more wiretaps during 12th day of Johnny Doc, Bobby Henon corruption trial

Federal prosecutors played more wiretaps of union boss John Dougherty and City Councilman Bobby Henon as their corruption trail reached its 12th day.

Prosecutors alleged Dougherty, the powerful leader of Local 98 of the Electrical Workers Union, bought Henon with a $70,000 union salary in return for Henon doing his bidding.

The prosecution focused Monday on what they allege was Dougherty’s efforts to insert himself in negotiations over the city’s 15-year franchise deal with Comcast. The labor boss is heard on a recorded phone call saying, "My goal now is to hold the agreement up" unless Dougherty, known as "Johnny Doc," can win work for union members.

The federal government alleges Dougherty was also steering work to a favored electrical contractor, who the feds allege did free work for Dougherty and his family. Both Henon and Dougherty say they’ve done nothing wrong and the government is criminalizing the work of legislating.

Defense lawyers pushed back against the government’s claims suggesting the labor boss didn’t hide his involvement in the Comcast deal, and they quoted the labor leader saying he didn’t care if the favored electrical contractor actually got any work.

The prosecution may be nearing an end to its case. When the defense starts, Dougherty has pledged to take the stand. FOX 29’s Jeff Cole asked Dougherty about his plans. Cole asked, "You’re going to take the stand here? You’re committed to that not going to tell you, no?" Dougherty said, "Listen, pay attention you’ll be here."




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