Philadelphia police officer on administrative duty after video surfaces of confrontation with man

Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw addressed a controversial video being shared on social media that shows an encounter between an officer and a man.

The 8-minute video was posted on the LackLuster YouTube channel and has been viewed over 200,000 times. The encounter is said to have happened on New Year's Day. 

According to the narrator of the video, the man he says is named Gabriel was leaving his aunt's house where he lives when he noticed a few officers and one officer appeared to be following him. 

The man started to record the encounter. The officer is heard saying in the video, "Want a New Year's selfie?" and calls the man his homie. The officer shows the man his name "Hoover" on his vest and badge number.

The man is heard saying, "I don't want to get shot. I'm Black."

The officer shines a light on the man and insists he doesn't live around there. The officer says, "Shut your mouth boy. You don't live down here." He continues to ask where the man lives while laughing. The man asks for the officer to call a supervisor. 


At one point during the encounter, the officer says the man is too stupid to insult. The video continues with the two taunting one another. 

The narrator of the video says the man was arrested and cited for disorderly conduct and possession of a small amount of marijuana. According to the Philadelphia Police Department, the officer has been placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of an Internal Affairs investigation. 

"We understand the video circulating has caused anger and disappointment. All PPD officers are expected to discharge their duties with honor and integrity. The officer involved has been placed on administrative duty pending the outcome of an Internal Affairs investigation," police wrote on social media Tuesday night.

Commissioner Danielle Outlaw joined addressed the video on Good Day Wednesday.

"It's not something that I'm proud to see out there, especially in light of what we've been through over the last few days. But all it takes is one negative encounter. All it takes is one social interaction that appears to go against the values or even what I'm saying all every day, all day, every day to enhance trust in our communities. But, you know, as soon as we found out about it, we made sure that this officer was placed on administrative duty. There's an Internal Affairs investigation underway." 

She added the video does not represent the police department as a whole.



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