Hit-and-run driver slams into New Jersey officer helping disabled vehicle: police

Shocking dashboard video captured a hit-and-run driver plow into a New Jersey police officer who was helping a vehicle that became disabled on the highway last weekend. 

Patrolman Connor Boyle, 25, and the driver of the disabled vehicle are seen standing near the right-hand lanes on Route 130 South around 11:30 p.m. Saturday. 

With red and blue emergency lights on, Patrolman Boyle and the driver discuss pushing the disabled vehicle into a nearby parking lot, when suddenly a Volkswagen Passat plows into the officer.

Authorities say the driver of the vehicle, identified as 52-year-old Rachel Glatt, did not stop and was later arrested at her home in nearby East Windsor, New Jersey. 


Boyle was taken Capital Health Regional Medical Center with a broken leg, cuts on his face, and a concussion. Miraculously, Boyle was released from the hospital just two days later.

"These officers put themselves out here each and every day, and they take a lot, and sometimes we forget how often these officers put themselves in harms way and put themselves at risk for other people," Robbinsville Mayor Dave Fried told FOX 29.

The video was shared by the Robbinsville Township Police Department to remind drivers of the state's "Move Over Law" which requires drivers to move aside or slow down during roadside emergencies and traffic stops.

"Let's be clear: It is not optional, it is the law! We need to keep our first responders and vehicle assistance workers safe," the department wrote. "The simple act of slowing down and moving over will prevent tragedies."

Glatt has been charged with second-degree aggravated assault on a police officer and fourth-degree assault by auto, as well as several traffic violations. Police say it's her second hit-and-run arrest.