Wilmington community holds prayer rally for teen killed, pregnant woman shot at local park

Calls for change grew stronger in a Delaware community where a teenager was killed and a young pregnant woman was shot in a weekend shooting.

Community groups and loved ones gathered at Chambers Park in Wilmington Tuesday night for a prayer rally. 

The park was where police say a 14-year-old was shot to death on Saturday, and 20-year-old Denae Thomas was hit by stray gunfire.

Dorothy Mangrum, the grandmother of Denae, told FOX 29 that Denae stopped at the park on Saturday while on the way to a corner store. 


With a palpable amount of pain and suffering consuming the community, local organizations attended Tuesday night's rally to offer resources. 

"We're out here trying to spread the love and to try to let the children know - the shooters as well - that there's help, we love them," Margaret Guy said. 

The prayer rally even brought out family members of gun violence victims, including Tynietta Congo-Wright who lost her son in a 2017 shooting. 

"This gun violence has to stop," Congo-Wright said. "It's tearing families a part, our neighborhoods, our communities and something has to be done."

Police have not reported any arrests in the deadly double shooting.