Caught on Camera: Clerk, robbery suspect hurt in shootout inside Philadelphia store

Surveillance video obtained by FOX 29 shows the moment a woman working behind the counter at a Philadelphia store exchanged gunfire with two robbery suspects Tuesday morning. 

The incident occurred inside a store on the 5500 block of Torresdale Avenue in Philadelphia's Wissinoming neighborhood. 

Video shows two male suspects entering the store one at a time, with the first suspect walking up to the female clerk and another employee appearing to be holding a firearm. The second suspect appears to pull a firearm from his waistband as he enters the store. 

A dog that was inside the store jumps on the first suspect as gunfire erupts, with the female clerk appearing to exchange gunfire with at least one of the suspects.

The suspects then flee the store with the other employee appearing to give chase. 

The clerk, a 32-year-old woman was shot multiple times in the hip and groin area. She was hospitalized and listed in critical condition following the incident. 

A short time after the incident, police tell FOX 29 a man matching the description of one of the suspects in the video was dropped off at Temple University Hospital with gunshot wounds.  

Police have not formally announced any arrests or charges, and police are searching for the second suspect. 

The dog and other store employee do not appear to have been injured in the shooting. 

At least two guns were recovered from the scene. 

The owner of the store tells FOX 29's Jeff Cole the store opened about a year ago and has been targeted by robbers twice – Tuesday morning and three weeks ago. 





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