Grieving moms share 'Put Down the Guns' message in heartbreaking video

Too many local moms are losing their children to gun violence. A group is sharing their heartbreaking stories, hoping someone will listen and put the gun down.

"My son Jayvon Mitchell Pendleton was murdered March of 2016. I come to you begging and pleading to please put the guns down."

A message in a heart wrenching video of raw emotion from four mothers who have lost children to gun violence on the streets of Philadelphia.

"There is no other heartbreaking phone call that you can receive," said Felicia Pendleton, opening up in the video. She came up with the idea to have the moms join her in sharing their grief in a three-minute piece designed to flood social media.

"We're basically pleading for people to please put the guns down," Pendleton remarked. Her son was 20-years-old when he was murdered, she says by a boy who was 14 or 15 and a 20-year-old man.

"The pain. The void. It never goes away," she said.


Yullio Robbins is also featured because her son James was murdered in Germantown in February of 2016.

"He was shot 12 times by a 40 caliber that's never been recovered, just like his murder to the day has not been solved," Yullio said.

The mothers feel the message hasn't gotten through in Philadelphia because people have gotten accustomed to hearing about murders every day. They hope the video will make a difference.

"In 2018, I lost my son Nasir George to gun violence and since then I've watched a number of mothers be brought into this unwanted, undeserved community," said another mom in the video. But they all remain hopeful.

"It will reach them. They have so much to look forward to," said Robbins.

"Let's stop. Let's put the guns down," said a mom ending her message in the video.

You can watch and share the full video by clicking here.



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