Inmate charged in Philadelphia prison break played lookout, court docs show

An inmate charged with helping two fellow prisoners escape a Philadelphia correctional facility played lookout while the pair managed pull of the first prison break since 2010, court docs show.

Jose Flores-Huerta, an inmate at Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center on charges stemming from a deadly brawl outside Pat's King of Steaks, was charged with Escape and Criminal Conspiracy.

New court documents show Flores-Huerta's alleged involvement in the orchestrated prison break of 18-year-old Ameen and 24-year-old Nasir Grant on May 7.

It's alleged that moments before the escape Flores-Huerta is seen on video walking around a cell block when he was not permitted to be outside his cell, and checking the guard tower for officers. 


The video also shows Hurst and Grant leaving their cells and crawling to the shower-area of the cell block where they stopped and waited for a signal from Flores-Huerta, according to court docs. 

From there, Hurst and Grant were able to exit a cell block door into a recreation yard. Sources previously told FOX 29 that both Hurst and Grant's hold cell doors and a rec yard door were unlocked.

The pair were able to cut a hole in a perimeter fence by using an unknown tool, and hop two barbed wire fences onto the 8200 block of State Road. 

Grant, who was incarcerated on weapons charges, was recaptured days later after leaving a property in North Philadelphia dressed in full female Muslim garb. 

Hurst, whose violent background has authorities on high alert, is still on the lam as of this writing. 

Three people, including Flores-Huerta, have been charged as accomplices in the escape. Xianni Stalling, 21, is accused of facilitating a phone call between Hurst and another man about the escape.

Michael Abrams, also 21, was tracked down by U.S. Marshals at a hotel outside Philadelphia for his alleged involvement in the prison break.