Local parent holds son from school after he showed up on 'kill list' made by other students

The parent of a 5th grade student at Bala Cynwyd Middle School is keeping his child away from school after he says he showed up on a "kill list" made by other students.

The parent, who asked to remain anonymous, said they received a call from Lower Merion School officials on Mar. 27 - the same day six were killed in a school shooting in Nashville - and told their son had been threatened. 

"Other students suggested that a list be made of students within the building who they hoped are shot," the parent told FOX 29's Jeff Cole. Screenshots of the text chain obtained by FOX 29 shows the disturbing back-and-forth between students as young as 10-years-old. 


"Every day I think of school shooting and hope the most people die," one message reads. Another student response by saying "I hope the following people get shot" and includes a list of their peers.

In a letter posted on the Lower Merion School District's website, Superintendent Megan Shafer says an investigation involving the Lower Merion Police Department found "no credible threat" to the school community from the texts. 

The district also writes that the students involved in the disturbing text exchange have received appropriate consequences and supports. They add that children as young as 10 and 11 make mistakes and it is not appropriate to isolate and shame them.

"To me, the idea that a text message chain which references school shootings and makes a kill list is deemed to be quote "no credible threat" is absurd," the parent said. "We elected to not send out child back to school into that environment which would have served to put him back in a building with students that put him on a kill list."

The parents says his son is strong and feels supported by his friends and the local community, but not by the school system. 

"He feels let down by a school district that is allowing students who threatened to murder him back into the building not seeming to care about the effect that will have on his emotional wellbeing," the parent said.