Philadelphia bus terminal could be moving to Old City

Old City is known for its historic vines, shops, bars and restaurants, but soon you might be adding the home of the city’s Greyhound station to the list. 

"Well, first we started to see the Greyhound buses start to migrate, and it looked like they were doing test runs, so, questions and rumors started to pop up," said Rebecca Oller, Partner TCS Management.

Oller says she began asking more questions and learned the city was looking to move the Greyhound bus station that will also service Peter Pan, Flix buses and other charter buses, right next door to her building at the Autopark at Old City parking garage. 

"We are terrified, it’s a terrible idea, and we can’t imagine why it is something that is being considered," said Oller.

Councilman Mark Squilla, who oversees District 2, told FOX 29 the City is looking to use that bus terminal as a pilot while they hire a firm to do a study on where a permanent location should go.

Over the last year, the Greyhound station has moved several times. 

Back in the summer 2023, the station was located at Market and 7th.

Due to concerns of passenger safety, traffic congestion and its proximity to federal buildings, in the fall, it was moved to Spring Garden. 

There were plans of creating a permanent location there, but now the city has its eyes on Old City. 


"Probably one of those government workers who were sleeping make the decisions. It happens everywhere. It’s crazy, where are you going to put that down there," said Hans Morisson, who visits the area often.

A question many are asking, since the roadways are tight and there’s a bilingual pre-school and federal building right next to the potential spot. 

"Should definitely go to where there is more room for the buses. I don’t think there’s room for them to turn in and out here," said Chris Cooper, who works in the area.

Rick Townsend, who also works in the area said, "It’s concerning that they are not asking people before they are doing stuff like that, but I would like to think that they considered all options".

The City’s Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems released a statement saying, "OTIS is working with partners including the Philadelphia Parking Authority, City Council, bus operators, residents, business owners, and riders to find the best possible location for bus pickup and drop off that provides a suitable waiting area and is close to other forms of public transportation".

Oller said, "We’ve had no formal conversation, no formal briefing, no formal understanding of how their understanding of how this will function and it’s terrifying".

OTIS did say this is not a done deal and they are still weighing their options.