Police: 2 killed, 9 injured after speeding car runs red light, crashes into another car in West Philadelphia

Tragic scenes on a street corner in West Philadelphia early Sunday morning after a two-car crash left two people dead, and another two fighting for their lives.

Police say a Dodge Charger was speeding when it ran a red light and struck a Hyundai sedan at the corner of 52nd and Walnut streets around 3 a.m.

Both cars suffered severe damage, ending up on the sidewalk with debris strewn across the entire scene. One of the cars appeared to have knocked down a structure during the crash.

West Philadelphia car crash leaves two dead, two in critical condition.

At the time of the crash, eight people were reportedly riding inside the Dodge, while three were inside the Hyundai.

The driver and a backseat passenger of the Hyundai were killed in the crash and pronounced dead on scene, according to police. The front seat passenger of the Hyundai is currently in extremely critical condition at a local hospital.


A passenger in the Dodge is also in critical condition after suffering various injuries. The driver, who police said was being held for possible charges in connection to the deadly crash, sustained a head injury.

Six other passengers in the Dodge suffered non-life-threatening injuries, according to police.