Illegally tinted windows can get you a parking ticket in Philadelphia

If you park your illegally tinted vehicle on a Philadelphia street, you may be coming back to a ticket starting Monday.

In May, Mayor Cherelle Parker signed a bill into law in a move to crack down on blacked out windows in Philadelphia.

The law prohibits the parking of vehicles with illegally tinted windows on city streets, and allows the Philadelphia Parking Authority to issue tickets.


State law says cars can have window tint rated at 70 percent VLT or lighter on all side windows of the car and on the rear windshield.

Violators will now be issued a violation or warning, followed by a $100 fine and a possible tow.

Councilmember Mike Driscoll, who sponsored the legislation, told FOX 29 he sees darker motives in tinted windows.

"The bad guys, the guys engaged in illegal activity going fast, doing the drifting, they’re tinting their windows so law enforcement, or cameras we have, don’t know who they are," Driscoll said.